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Golden Bricks Realty And Investments Limited (City Prime Ltd) is the main developer for the proposed Temidire Market Complex, owned by TEMIDIRE PRIME INVESTMENTS LIMITED the special purpose vehicle in which our company has 70% holding and the Oyo State Government holds the balance of 30% under a Public Private Partnership arrangement. Our good financial plan and strategy has given us a good edge to fully complete the proposed Temidire Neighbourhood Ultra Model Market in record time. The project has reached 65% sixty five percent completion with more than 55 blocks of 16units of lockup shops presently at the lintel stage.We have put in place strategies to finance the completion of the whole 55 blocks of 16lockup shops, infrastructures and invest in adequate marketing procedures that will surely deliver the cash flow needed to complete the overall project in due time. We forecast that with adequate marketing procedure and channels, we should be able to deliver the sales of the whole 1000 shops within 6months and bring a smile to the face of our investors who will receive their investments with interest as specifiedn this document.



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City Prime-Garden Estates Limited is building Temidire Plank Market on the land lying on the link road between the Ibadan – Ife Express Road and Old Ife Road, close to the Bola Ige International Market, New Gbagi, in Ibadan measuring approximately 35,000 square meters. When completed, it will be an ultra-modern market by all standards, designed for sustainable visiting, commerce and business. The market will relieve pressure on the stretched market resources of some part of Ibadan, (particularly the Bola Ige International Market, New Gbagi and other local markets already stretched to their limits around the vicinity), generating space and opportunity for all and sundry. On completion, thousands of people will visit and work in its offices, shops, retail developments and service areas. Around 5,000 commuters will be on the move in addition to the 1,000 shop in both the Open Stall and Lock-Up owners who will in turn provide employment another set of people. Every section of the market will have mixed use, so as to be a lively, vibrant place by day and by night. All the elements of modern market will be conveniently located – workspace, shops, car park, clinic, fire bay, services and recreation areas thereby making the place where economy, employment and entertainment meets.

The plan will be to have four development centres namely; Economy Centre to house about 820 lock up shop and 180 departmental stores, totally 1,000 units for economic activities in the ratio of 82 to 18 percentages;

Business Centre to house about 40 offices in form of a departmental store for commercial activities and 2 banking hall space;

Social Centre to house the Cinama Hall , an entertainment centre, swimming pool, a

Gym centre and small guest house; and a worship centre.

Work/Facilities Centre to house administrative block, security post, a fire bay, a clinic, food court, toilets maintenance, and works developments.

In all, we hope to conclude on the first two stages of work plan on or by the end of the December, 2018 which mean delivering all the 1000 lock up shop, banking hall administrative block, security post, the fire bay, the clinic, food court and toilets facilities.

We have commenced work on the 9th of February 2018 when we formally took possession of the site from the Oyo State Government.